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Energy Color Strips™

Like a leaf with veins leading to its tip, the human body has thousands of energy fibers and supply lines. If one of these veins is blocked or damaged, energy cannot flow properly and be distributed evenly within the leaf and brown spots appear in some areas.

It is important that energy circulates through the supply lines in our bodies, too; if too much or too little energy exists, blockages can occur which can lead to problems. If these lines are interrupted or blocked, energetic collection points become congested and this can hinder the self-healing process.

Placing Energy Color Strips™ on the body creates energetic flows which release the congestion, re-establish the energy flow and create a general feeling of well-being. Energy Color Strips™ come in different shapes and colors and can be placed anywhere on the body. They are intended to free up the energy blockages of the individual chakras. Energy Color Strips™ release themselves automatically from the body when the system as a whole regains its energy flow.

Energy Color Strips™ have been successful in treating the following ailments:
Cervical migraine
Muscle tension
Neck tension
Sore throats
Joint disease
Ailments afflicting the entire abdominal cavity, and many others besides ...

Energy Color Strips™ are created individually to suit a personís own energetic and/or physical state.

These Energy Color Strips™ are available exclusively from Medial Life Consulting Albert.